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Tracking your routes has never been so easy. Get the free Bikemap app for your Apple Watch to enhance your Bikemap experience.


Finally without a mobile phone!
Especially when riding spontaneously it's extremely convenient to record routes directly on my Apple Watch!

Sophie, Melbourne

Important data at a glance
Since I usually go cycling without a mobile phone, the new app for Apple Watch is a huge enrichment for me!

Jerome, Amsterdam

Saves battery and looks beautiful
Route recording with my Apple Watch saves so much battery from my smartphone - and looks super cool too!

Terry, Miami
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Ready whenever you are!

Just press one button and off you go! Bikemap for Apple Watch lets you instantly track your ride. Once you finished your route, it will be synced to Bikemap with just one click.

Access live-data with the flick of a switch

View your time, speed, distance and heart rate while you are on your bike. Bikemap for Apple Watch provides you with an easily accessible on-wrist overview of your most important live-data to keep you on track.

Live data on the Apple Watch
Bikemap on the Apple Watch

Focus on the cycling experience

Leave your iPhone at home and out of mind! Bikemap for Apple Watch lets you record a full ride, from start to finish, without a phone. You can fully enjoy your ride without being distracted.

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